Chris Sylvia: Missing

Still Missing

Still Missing



Age: 28. Last Seen: February 16, 2015

LKP: PCT Mile 127 (Near Warner Springs, California)

Chris Sylvia was hiking southbound from Anza to Campo. He left on February 12, 2015. On February 16, he called a friend and asked to be picked up the next day at the Buddhist Temple on Chihuahua Valley Road. Sylvia did not make it to his rendezvous point. On February 20, another hiker found Sylvia’s gear laid out alongside the PCT near mm 127, not far from Mike’s Place. Despite a large search effort, Sylvia is still missing.

Members of the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation tracked down a physical clue left behind by Sylvia, proving he had visited a hostel prior to his disappearance.

Chris Sylvia siddhartha.jpeg

The actual book Chris Sylvia was reading when he disappeared

found by Andrea Lankford