“If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll be there forever. ”


Our foundation was created in honor of Kris Fowler and David O’Sullivan.

Learn more about them and other cases we have been involved with.

David O’Sullivan: Missing

Kris Fowler: Missing

Paul Miller: Found

Chris Sylvia: Missing

Kyle Crowden: Found

John Sturkie: Found

Fern Baird - Missing

Current Projects and Other Initiatives

Satellite Communicators Giveaway

Each year the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation is committed to donate 2 InReach Explorer devices in honor of Kris Fowler and David O’Sullivan with an up to one year subscription. Any additional units will be donated in the name of other missing hikers.

2021 Winners

2021 Winners

2021 Winners! Congratulations!

Renae Reed, Arlington TX –In honor of David O’Sullivan, donated by the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation

Mandy Messerschmidt, Chico CA –In honor of Chris Sylvia, donated by the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation

Michiko Lindsey, San Diego CA –In honor of Trevor Laher, donated by Sally Fowler

Marilyn Sikes, Willow Park TX–In honor of Kris Fowler, donated by The John and Betty Meyer Foundation

Keith Land, Kennewick Washington — In honor of Kyle Crowden, donated by Judy Schmidt

Barth Day, Springdale Arkansas – In honor of Paul Miller, donated by the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation

Southbound Pacific Crest Trail Hikers

Charles Morrow, Sleepy Hollow, New York – In honor of Kris Fowler, donated by Julie ‘Jester’ Gayheart and Terri Gayheart Kidder.

Natalie Kuklich, East Amherst New York – In Honor of David O’Sullivan, donated by the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation

2022 Winners

Satellite Communicators Giveaway​

Cathy Lunn – London, U.K.
In honor of Kris Fowler
Donated by Marcia Meyer O’Rourke

Molly McDonald – Ledgewood, New Jersey
In honor of David O’Sullivan
Donated by Con and Carmel O’Sullivan

Landon Wheeler – Miami, Texas
In Honor of Jacob Gray
Donated by Sally Fowler

Jose Dams – Amsterdam, Netherlands
In honor of Trevor Laher
Donated by Doug and Karen Laher

Michelle McCullough – Post Falls, Idaho In honor of Deputy Fore Chief Jay Schreckengost Donated by Marisa Schreckengost

Christine Cardin – Montreal, Canada
In honor of Geraldine Largay
Donated by Julie and Terri Gayheart

Barbara Sammut – Birmingham, Michigan
In honor of Fern Baird
Donated by the Fowler O’Sullivan Foundation

Inga Pieske – Herndon, Virginia
In honor of Rachel Lakoduh
Donated by Aaron Wheeler

Brooklyn DeWalte – Sacramento, California
In honor of Zach Krull
Donated by Stewart Krull and family

Allison Nicols – Dunkirk, Indiana
In honor of Daniel Trask
Donated by the Fowler O’Sullivan Foundation

Other donors towards this program include
Liz Fallin and Tracy Lowery

Southbound Pacific Crest Hikers

Carrie Hopkins – Surrey, U.K.
In honor of Kris Fowler.
Donated by Marilyn Sikes and Dan Sirey

Damien Fannin – Monroe, Washington
In honor of David O’Sullivan. Donated by Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation


Next Giveaway In 2023

Next Giveaway In 2023

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Satellite Communicators Giveaway​

Nomad Ventures & Kahtoola

Funded by the Laher Family, the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation, Nomad Ventures and Kahtoola, all PCT Class of 2022 thru-hikers may purchase a new set of Kahtoola MICROspikes, while supplies last through Nomad Ventures at a 20% discount. This is our second annual participation, and this years program runs from March 16th-March 27th, 2022. Your purchase will be waiting for you at Paradise Valley Cafe when you arrive, there will be no shipping through this program. Orders can be made at https://nomadventures.com/trevor-spikes/

This program was formed in memory of Trevor “Microsoft” Laher who fell to his death last year while slipping on snow-covered ice while traversing Apache Peak. The Trevor Spikes discount program runs from March 16 – March 27, 2022 to commemorate the dates Trevor started and ended his PCT thru-hike in 2020.

The Fowler-O’Sullivan is covering 10% of all microspike purchases through this program up to 200 orders.

PSAR on the PCT

In honor of those missing on the PCT, we provide financial support to PSAR initiatives providing safety and trail information to PCT thru-hikers.

San Jacinto Trail Report

We are proud supporters of the San Jacinto Trail Report



PSAR Informational

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