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Found: Rosario ‘Chata’ Garcia

The Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation partnered with Western States Aerial Search to locate the remains of Rosario ‘Chata’ Garcia on January 24, 2021. Garcia, a 73-year-old woman who was married for over 51 years to a Vietnam veteran was the life of the party, loved to dance, and made friends easily everywhere she went. Our foundation sends our deepest condolences to her children and grandchildren as they take this time to grieve.

You can read more in the Idyllwild Town Crier.

Cathy Tarr holds up David’s flyer at a San Bernardino County Missing Person Conference

Mum of lost Irish hiker has high hopes for new search

by Sandra Murphy
”….friends of the family, Paudie O’Neill and Brian Schafer, have set up a fundraising page to help to continue to carry out more searches on the 2,663 mile trail that runs from the United States-Mexico border through California, Oregon, and Washington, where it reaches its northern terminus at the United States-Canada border.

The money will be used to pay for hiring helicopters and paying for supplies that could help track down David on the pathway through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.

The page which helps a group of volunteers search the woods near Idyllwild at the weekends has already paid for this week’s aerial search on Wednesday and Thursday, which will be the biggest one to date.” Read More

Kris Fowler disappeared from the PCT in October 2016.

From Dateline NBC:

Searches continue for Sally Fowler’s son each year, but stop during the winter due to the weather conditions. A Facebook group Bring Kris Fowler/Sherpa home was created to spread information and updates. But Sally said it has also led to a bond between herself and other families of missing hikers.

“It’s a silver lining that came from a very terrible tragedy,” Sally said. “There’s a whole community dedicated to finding these hikers, but also to help prevent it in the future.”

Cathy and Andrea at the California State Missing Person’s conference in Sacramento

From The State Hornet 2018: Cathy Tarr and Andrea Lankford, advocates for hikers David O’Sullivan and Chris Sylvia who disappeared from the Pacific Coast Trail on separate occasions in Southern California, said that they hoped the event would help them share information about the disappearances as well as get guidance from law enforcement.

“I want to clarify some issues and make sure Chris Sylvia’s DNA is on file,” Lankford said. “We want to share new information that we have, and we hope the experts will either share information or tips for us. We also want to get public awareness out about the missing hikers so we can get more tips that can help us solve the mystery.”

“I’m hoping there might be something that they can guide us on, that we maybe have overseen or that we didn’t think about,” Tarr said.

by Claire Morgan, Editor-in-Chief Read Here

Volunteer Search for Kris Fowler

By Luke Thompson with the Yakima Herald.

“Kris Fowler’s story and the relentless efforts of his family, especially stepmother Sally Guyton Fowler, to raise awareness struck a chord with thousands, including Andrea Kirkman. She and her husband, Josh, will welcome any and all volunteers for a renewed search next weekend in the hopes of uncovering more clues and perhaps finding some long-awaited closure for the Fowler family.

Andrea Kirkman, an avid hunter from Stanwood, first learned of Fowler from the Pacific Crest Trail Facebook page soon after his disappearance last October. She continued following online as massive search efforts turned up little evidence as to what kept Fowler from finishing the famous trail after he had conquered more than 2,000 miles” Read more about the FOF members involved.

John Sturkie Found.

During one search in late May, volunteer searcher Cathy Tarr spotted a bloody sock about 100 feet in front of the truck in the direction of mile marker 193 on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Read Story

Finding Chata:

Cathy and I walked from the parking lot up a dirt road to the Sawmill Trailhead. In the trail register, we found a missing person flyer and a note written by members of Garcia’s family. The desert terrain was mostly boulders, cactus, and brush. There were no tall trees and we saw large patches of open ground. Past experience told us this was a good environment to conduct a grid search by drone. Garcia was elderly and walked with a cane. She went missing in July. The daytime temperatures would have been extreme. She’s here, we both thought as we walked back to our cars, we can find her.

The Bone Finders

How the Relentless Searching of Drone Images for Missing Hikers Made of Difference for One Family

The Man In Brazil

Social media can be an amazing tool for missing person investigations. Even when the happy ending isn’t the one you hoped for.

Tips from a Mother

Sally Fowler’s advice to Pacific Crest Thru-hikers

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