Laura Atencio re: Rosario Garcia
I just want to share what this organization has done for me and my family. My mother-in-law went missing July 7th 2020. Her car was found two days later in the Idllywild mountains on hiking trail. It was found abandoned because she had actually hit a rock and teeter tottered on it none of us could figure out whether she actually drove the car up there but what we did know is there was enough stuff in the car to say that it wasn’t stolen and that it was her she was a 73-year-old woman who walked with assistance had a bad hip the sheriff’s department in our area was contacted and we were told that they searched not only with bloodhounds but that a rescue team had looked for her helicopters and police and volunteers yet they did not find her. We unexperienced walk those trails screaming for her we searched for her with friends and family for months to no avail. An editor and writer for a newspaper in idyllwild every month would write a story about Rosario and other hikers that were missing in the area. It’s so happened that Cathy tarr read this article and thankfully something caught her attention. She got a hold of her crew of the Fowler O’Sullivan foundation and other people that help her. And what our county Police and rescuers and hikers and searchers couldn’t do they did in 3 days what the Riverside sheriff’s county department couldn’t do in seven months. 7 months with no answers, everyday wondering, everyday crying, everyday wishing. For a little spark of hope to find our loved one it was the hardest thing. Her birthday passed, holidays passed and we still had no answers 7 months. But Cathy tarr and the Fowler O’Sullivan foundation found my mother-in-law within 3 days. It wasn’t the ending we wanted but it was the closure we needed. We are very lucky that they took it upon themselves to look and buy the grace of God this foundation found her and we were able to lay her to rest. I pray that everyone that has missing hikers gets the opportunity for closure like we did we owe this foundation so much we will never forget them and we appreciate them so much. We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! REST IN PEACE ROSARIO “CHATA” GARCIA

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